At James A. Boozan, MD ENT we offer a wide range of otolaryngology services to help you with conditions related to the Ear, Nose, Throat and related structures of the head and neck. We treat both children and adults. Below are our featured practice areas. We encourage you to contact us with any questions you may have regarding the diagnosis and treatment of any condition.

Ears and Hearing

At James A. Boozan, MD ENT, we know how crucial a role your ears play in your daily life. Not only do they enable you to communicate with others, but they also help you to enjoy life and alert you to dangerous situations. Keeping your ears healthy and functioning properly is our goal. We treat a wide variety of ear conditions and hearing-related problems for patients of all ages. Whether you’re seeking relief from an ear infection, experiencing a ringing in your ears or having difficulty hearing, we are here to help. Read More

Nose and Sinus

Your nose and mouth are crucial in allowing you to partake in some of life’s key pleasures, like enjoying a fine meal or admiring a pleasant fragrance or aroma, not to mention alerting you to dangerous situations (smoke from a fire, food that has spoiled, etc.). When health problems affect these organs, your quality of life can be greatly diminished. Sinusitis, allergic rhinitis, a deviated septum, and other conditions can bring you misery. Let our head and neck physicians see what they can do to evaluate and treat your nose and/or mouth problems. Read More

Voice and Swallowing


Voice problems occur with a change in the voice, often described as hoarseness, roughness, or a raspy quality. People with voice problems often complain about or notice changes in pitch, loss of voice, loss of endurance, and sometimes a sharp or dull pain associated with voice use. Many things we do can injure our vocal cords. Talking too much, screaming, constantly clearing your throat or smoking can make you hoarse. We cater to a broad range of patients ranging from professional voice users, to children to professionals who rely on their voice for a living. We treat many voice problems including vocal fold (cord) lesions, nervous system disorders, behaviorally-based voice changes, reflux, breathing difficulty, and swallowing problems every day. We will diagnose a voice problem and determine an appropriate treatment plan to get patients back to vocal health as soon as possible. When the voice is affected, spoken communication may become challenging. We offer the latest in surgical and voice therapy techniques for all conditions that affect the larynx. Fortunately, therapy and preventative care are effective in the treatment of many voice disorders.


Difficulty in swallowing (dysphagia) is common among all age groups, especially the elderly. The term dysphagia refers to the feeling of difficulty passing food or liquid from the mouth to the stomach. This may be caused by many factors, most of which are temporary and not threatening. Read More

Head and Neck

Dr. Boozan offers a comprehensive approach for conditions relating to the head and neck, including hearing loss, voice conditions and head and neck cancer. Using advanced surgical and non-surgical techniques. Dr. Boozan aims to provide care tailored to each patient’s individual needs, while engaging in research for future diagnosis and treatment. Read More

Sleep Disorders

Everyone, at one time or another, has experienced trouble falling asleep, staying asleep, or has been sleepy during the day. People with a sleep disorder experience these and more serious problems. Sleep disorders disrupt and disturb the overall quality of life. More than 70 million Americans have a sleep disorder, and many of the sufferers are completely unaware of it. Many of those who are aware of the problem never choose to seek help. Many of the sleep disorders can lead to serious problems if left untreated. For example, obstructive sleep apnea, a disorder that affects over 20 million Americans, can lead to serious cardiovascular and neurological problems. However, when treated, apnea patients reduce the risk of those serious conditions and dramatically improve the quality of their lives. Read More


Children face many of the same health problems that adults do and are often prone to problems associated with the ear, nose and throat. However, symptoms may show themselves differently, and treatment methods that work well in adults may not be appropriate for children. At Practice Name we make sure to treat every child who comes through our doors with the same degree of care, concern and compassion that we provide to our adult patients. Read More